Conrad Lundeen, Associate Professor


Ph.D., University of Iowa
M.A., Northwestern University
B.A., S.U.N.Y. at Albany

Current Responsibilities:

Classroom teaching
Clinical supervision

Courses Taught:

SPA 640 - Structure & Function of the Auditory System

SPA 646 - Aural Rehabilitation

SPA 648 - Central Auditory Testing

SPA 644 - Hearing Aids

SPA 656 - Pathologies of the Auditory System

SPA 721, 722 - Amplification 2 + Laboratory

SPA 725, 726 - Physiological Measures + Laboratory

Research Interests:

Demographics of school children with hearing disorders; education of special needs students in collaborative settings; hearing disability; central auditory disorders: amplification.

Selected Publications:

Lundeen, C.  (2004)  Hearing aid prices in historical context.  Hearing Review, 11(10), pp. 18-19.

Lundeen, C., & Lundeen, D. J.  (1999)  Effectiveness of mainstreaming with collaborative teaching: Three-year follow-up," Inclusion: Perspectives on Policy and Practice, PDK Education Foundation: Bloomington, IN, pp. 71-77.

Lundeen, C.  (1996).  Count-the-dot audiogram in perspective.  Amer. J. Audiol., 5(3), 57-58.

St. Louis, K. O., Ruscello, D. M., Lundeen, C.  (1992)  The Coexistence of communication disorders in school children.   ASHA Monographs, No. 27.

Lundeen, C.  (1991).  Prevalence of hearing impairment among school children,  LSHSS, 22, 269-271.

Mailing Address:

West Virginia University
805 Allen Hall
P.O. Box 6122
Morgantown, WV 26506-6122

Phone (304) 293-4242
FAX (304) 293-7565


Email Address:

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