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†††††††††††† Denver, Colorado is a four-season destination for all travellers alike. With its unmatched outdoor recreational setting, its flourishing arts scene, its cultural heritage, and its mind-blowing mountainous scenery, Denver is like no other city in the U.S. Within driving distance are over 20 renowned ski resorts, dozens and dozens of mountain peaks, and 10 national parks/ monuments. What also makes Denver such a great place is the fact that it has one of the nations strongest metropolitan economies. Though the climate can be rough at times, it definitely is what makes Denver so appealing for some. Denver has warm dry summers with plenty of ways to stay cool including one of the nations best water park, Water World. But in the winter, itís your winter wonderland. Snow is a very common occurrence in all of Colorado, including a heavy amount in Denver. With a huge knowledge base about the topography of this area, its western way of thinking, and its pleasant atmosphere, Denver serves as a perfect destination for sustainable tourism. The quality of service, the kindness of the people there, and the high end marketing strategies are just a few things that gives Colorado its great name.


†††††††††††† With all the positive things about Denver and how great of a place it is for the tourism sector, there are also a number of things that hinder the area. Number one, Denver is notorious for fast paced, rude drivers. Having lived there myself for 17 years, I can agree with this belief, though it is not a bad as people portray it to be. Also, as said above, the weather for some can be amazing, but can be real uneasy for others. With tons and tons of snow during the winter it can put a real damper on just about everything if youíre not used to it. Snow plowing the roads is also a problem in this area because just about everyone thinks that the sun will just melt the snow away, leaving snowy roads abundant throughout the city. And during the summer months, humongous thunderstorms roll right over the Rocky mountains leaving Denver wide open for lots of rainfall and tornadoes.


†††††††††††† Denver is a booming city is many ways. Jobs are becoming more and more plentiful because this city it is one of the most thriving and strongest economies here in the U.S. The median household income in the Metro Denver area is 15.6 percent higher than the national median income. Employment is in large demand there in the mile high city and is expected to grow by 50 % by 2030. The rising culture there and diverse population pave the way for endless types of attractions and opportunities in the Denver metro area.


†††††††††††† There aren't too many major threats that would stop someone from visiting and planning a move to the Denver metro area. Historically, floods have been a threat to the city and county of Denver. The beginning city was even wiped out a very long time ago. Another common threat to the city is hail and lightning. In the Rocky mountains, it thunderstorm approximately 70 days out of the year. Major occurrences of these threats include electrocution of living things, vaporization of materials along the path of the strike, sudden power surges which cause damage to electrical and electronic equipment, and building fires. Other than the fierce winter snowstorms during the winter, the other feared natural phenomenon that threatens Denver frequently is the tornadoes there. The tornado threat is there every spring, and is extremely high during the summer months. The intensity of these storms and the potential for damages and injury should not be underestimated.



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