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In The News

- T. Bourlai received the Award of the Outstanding Researcher at WVU (LCSEE), March 2015 - Most Recent

- T. Bourlai became an Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic and Investigative Science, WVU, U.S.A. (Sept 2014)

- T. Bourlai became an Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Eye Institute, West Virginia University, U.S.A. (Feb 2013)

Innovation and Commercialization

Confirmix (WVU start-up Company): T. Bourlai is the CTO and co-founder of Confirmix

- The West Virginia University (WVU) Office of Technology Transfer has licensed a series of biometrics technologies to WVU Software Security Company Confirmix, developed in the lab of Thirimachos Bourlai, PhD, director of WVU’s Multispectral Imagery Laboratory, the technologies are aimed at improving e-fraud protection, particularly on mobile phones and tablets.


Interviews and visibility:

CNBC news Oct 2014

     -  CNBC Tech Crowd Winner - HERE

     -  Interview with Confirmix CEO – where MILab/WVU was mentioned

     -   WVU biometrics spinoff Confirmix closes $1.25 million angel round


-  Tech Transfer eNews Blog (10.30.14)

-  CITeR news and announcement, Oct 2014, Fall meeting - HERE

-  WVU LCSEE News, Nov, 2014 - HERE

-  WVU News Today, Nov 24th 2014 - HERE

-  State Journal (WV) Business News (http://www.statejournal.com/), Nov 2014

-  WVU LCSEE News, Nov 20th 2014 - HERE

-  WOWKTV, Nov 21st 2014 - HERE

-  The [Martinsburg] Journal, Nov 23rd 2014 - HERE

-  Charleston Daily Mail, WV News - HERE

-  Government Technology Magazine – HERE

-  The Washington Times - HERE

-  West Virginia Research and Science Division - HERE

-  Other: The Associated Press [AP stories appear in numerous news outlets across the state and nation, including

in this instance The Miami Herald, The (Elkins) Inter-Mountain, The (Washington, PA) Observer-Reporter, The

(Oklahoma City) Oklahoman, The (Greenfield, IN) Daily Reporter, The Washington Times, SpinSafe.com, The

(Eugene, OR) Register Guard, KSL-TV (Salt Lake City, UT) and others.]

-        SecureSelfies app, and its parent company Confirmix, 2014

-        Campaign to secure funding, plans to launch commercially by April 2015

- Meetings, Invited Talks, Webinars and Interviews


Coming up:

  • Chair (and Invited Talk): IDGA Smart Policing Conference, Washington DC, April 2015
  • Attended the Biometrics Institute Meeting at New Zealand Embassy, Washington DC, March 2015
  • Other talks pending  


  • Chair (and Invited Talk): IDGA Biometrics and Law Enforcement Conference, Washington DC, Jan 2015
  • Invited talk: US Army Labs, Jan 2015
  • Invited Talk: NSA (National Sheriff's Association), Jan, 2015
  • Invited talk: University of Rochester, Rochester NY, Dec 2014
  • Invited talk: SRC, Syracuse, NY, Dec 2014
  • Invited Talk: Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014, IQPC, London, UK, Sept 15-17th 2014 - For speakers: HERE 
  • Webinar to CITeR Affiliates, November 18th, 2014.
  • CITeR Meeting, Arizona, November 3-5th, 2014.
  • Invited Talk: Biometrics Institute, London, UK, October 2014.
  • Invited Talk: University of Newcastle, UK, October 23rd 2014.
  • Interviewed by IDGA, Biometrics for Government and Security, “The Future of Face Recognition”, Feb. 2014 HERE
  • Interviewed by IDGA, Night Vision Systems Summit, “Night Vision Face Recognition”, Summer 2014.
  • Webinar to CITeR Affiliates (with Dr. A. Clark), on “Passport Face Matching Techniques”, 11-12 pm, April 9th, 2014.
  • Invited by the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) to be the Chair and a speaker (2 presentations) at the "IDGA Biometrics for Government and National Security Conference", Washington DC, Feb 19-21, 2014.
    • Chair of the event
    • Presentation on: “Mobility and Biometric Smart Cards” – Day 1
    • Presentation on: “Current State of Facial Recognition Technology” – Day 2
  • Invited to present, "New Camera Sensor Technologies" at the WVU, Eye Institute, Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, Morgantown, WV, March 14th 2014.
  • Invited to participate at the CITeR Strategic Planning Workshop, Washington DC, March 20th 2014
  • Invited by the “Winter 2014 Biometrics Summit”, to present on “Face Recognition Readiness”, March 3rd 2014
  • Invited to participate at the "Biometrics Institute USA Drinks Reception", Hosted by: The Australian Embassy, Monday, 17 March 2014, Washington DC.
  • Invited to represent CITeR (booth) and provide a DEMO on face recognition (with my student C. Whitelam) at the Connect:ID” EXPO, Ronald Regan Conference Center, Washington DC, 17-19 March 2014.
  • Invited Talk at the Five Eyes Analytical Workshop (Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds) - sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency – on “Moving Forward: Challenges in Forensic Human Identification Using Face Images”, at Mississippi University, Oxford, Mississippi, March 25-25, 2014.
  • WVU seminar at Chemical Engineering Department on “Advances on Human Authentication”, 2.28.14 [invited by the Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department].
  • Invited Seminar on Graduate Academy Workshop, “Life after Graduation”, WVU, April 3rd 2014.
  • 11th Summer School for Advanced Studies on Biometrics for Secure Authentication, Biometrics in Forensics, Security and Beyond - Tutorial Practical FR, Alghero, Italy, June 9-13 2014.
  • Invited to Linking Innovation, Industry and Commercialization (LIINC), through the WVU Office of Research and Economic Development: Bioscience and Biomedical Showcase, NRCCE, WVU, Feb 18th 2014.


  • InfraMation 2013 (organized by FLIR), Invited Paper and Oral Presentation on: “Applications of Passive Infrared Imaging to Forensic Facial Recognition”, November 5-7, Loews Royal Pacific, Orlando, FL, 2013

  • CITeR Fall 2013 Meeting at NIST, USA - October 29-30, VA, 2013

  • Invited Talk by "The University of Notre Dame" - "Can we identify people in difficult environments by using their face images?" - October 17th, 2013

  • BTAS  2013:

  • Chair of the BTAS 2013 - DEMO Session - Sept 30th to Oct. 2nd, 2013

  • Lead of the BTAS 2013 - Doctoral Symposium and Career Pathways Session (DSCP) - Sept 30th 2013

  • World e-ID Congress, Invited talk on “Current Challenges in Face Recognition Technology: Identification of People in Difficult Environments”, Nice, France, Sept. 26th, 2013

  • Panel Moderator - Chair and Tutorial Presenter at the ISS World Americas on “Facial Recognition Technologies for Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Gathering", Sept. 25th, Washington DC, 2013

  • Biometric Consortium Conference 2013:

  • Speaker on "Heterogeneous Face Recognition: Current Challenges and Case Studies", Tampa, Florida, USA, Sept 17-19, 2013

  • Co-speaker with Dr. A. Clark, on "New Methodology for Passport Photo Enhancement", Tampa, Florida, USA, Sept 17-19, 2013

  • Speaker on Biometrics, Identity, and Security (BIdS) Research Showcase (part of BCC), on “Multi-spectral face recognition: identification of people in difficult environments”, Tampa, Florida, USA, Sept 17-19, 2013  

  • Chair (and presenter) of the IDGA Actionable Intelligence Conference, Washington DC, 26-28 August 2013.

  • CITeR mid-cycle meeting - Invited to present on "Face and Ear-based Mid-Wave Infrared Biometrics", Morgantown, August, 2013.

  • Online Webinar, “Facial Recognition Readiness: What Criminal Investigators and Intelligence Analysts Need to Know”, July 16, 2013.

  • Invited at the "8th Annual Night Vision Systems, IDGA", Presentation (Day 2 Opening Speaker) on: "Current Challenges in Night Time Face and Ear Recognition", Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A., July 29-31, 2013.

  • Chair and two invited talks at the IDGA "Forensics Enabled Intelligence Conference" (FEI) 2013 Conference, April 22-24 2013.

  •  Invited Talk at Rutgers University, NJ, April 19th 2013 on: "Face Recognition and Recent Challenges".

  • Invited at the "Winter Biometrics Summit", Presentation (Speaker) on: "Passport Face Matching", Miami, Florida, U.S.A., March 4-7, 2013.

  • CITeR mid-cycle meeting - Invited to present on 2 topics: (i) "Long Range, Uncontrolled Face Recognition", and (ii) "A Preprocessing Methodology for Passport Face Matching", Baltimore, Feb. 2013

  •  WVU Seminar for Faculty and Students - The topic of the presentation was on “News on Face Recognition"? - Feb 18th 2013.

  • International Scholars WVU: Invited Talk on Feb 7th 2013 [an Award was also received]

  • Invited by the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) to Present (Speaker) at the "6th Annual Biometrics for National Security and Law Enforcement Summit", Pentagon City, VA, Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2013. Two presentations: (i) Long Range FR, and (ii) Image Restoration for FR

- Invited Talks and Interviews within 2012

  • Speaker at the:

    - 6th Annual Biometrics for National Security and Law Enforcement Summit, Jan 2013, Washington DC
    - Winter 2013 Biometrics Summit, Miami, FL, March 2012

  • Interview with the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) 2012 [HERE]

  • Invited to speak at the Biometric Consortium Conference 2012, to talk about "Exploring a Preprocessing Methodology for Passport Photo Enhancement", Tampa, Florida, USA, Sept 18-20, 2012

  • Invited by the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) to present at the "IDGA Biometrics & Identity Management Summit", Arlington, VA, August 20-22, 2012.

  • Invited to present a tutorial in "Unconstrained Face Recognition at Open Borders" at the Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) - BORDERS, Washington, U.S.A., 11th June, 2012.

  • Invited to Linking Innovation, Industry and Commercialization (LIINC), through the WVU Office of Research and Economic Development: Bioscience and Biomedical Showcase - highlighting innovation from WVU faculty, National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE), WVU: Poster presentation of Dr. Bourlai’s on: “Current Biomedical related research”, Feb 21st 2012.

  • WVU Seminar for Faculty and Students, Invited by Dr. M. C. Valenti; the topic of the presentation was on “How Not to Write a Paper"? - Feb 13th 2012.

  • 5th Annual Biometrics for National Security and Defense Summit, Enhancing Identity Technology, Collection and Protection, Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA): Presentation on: “Identity Management by Means of Small Platforms (Smart Cards and Mobile Devices)”, January 23-25, Washington DC, U.S.A. 2012.

  • 2012 Biometrics Summit, February 29, 2012, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.: Presentation on: "Understanding How Important and Possible Eye Detection and Face Recognition are when Performed Using Face Images Acquired Under Challenging Conditions".

- Student Achievement 

Mr. Cameron Whitelam, during his postgraduate studies, has been selected as an intern for the 2012 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) [Summer 2012] [HERE]

- SPIE Newsroom Magazine

T. Bourlai, “Short-Wave Infrared for Face-based Recognition System”, SPIE Newsroom Magazine - Defense & Security, April 2012 [HERE] [DOI: 10.1117/2.1201204.004192] [personal invitation].  

- Special thanks to the WVU biometrics team L. Hornak, B. Cukic, J. Dawson, A. Ross, and N. Kalka for their contributions, and to B. Lemoff from WVHTC.


N. Mavridis, T. Bourlai and D. Ognibene, "The Human-Robot Cloud: Situated Collective Intelligence on Demand", IEEE International Conference on Cyber Technology in Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems (IEEE-CYBER), Thailand, May 2012.

- Journal Accepted

T. Bourlai, R. R. Pryor, J. Suyama, S. E. Reis, and D. Hostler, "Use of Thermal Imagery for Core Body Temperature Estimation during Pre-cooling, Exertion, and Recovery in Wild-land Firefighter Protective Clothing", Pre-hospital Emergency Care : Official Journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians and the National Association of State EMS Directors, [In Press - Expected May 2012].

- IEEE Senior Member

●  I have been elected to the grade of Senior Member. I would like to thank the people that supported me.

- Five papers were accepted in SPIE 2012

● T. Bourlai, J. VonDollen, N. Mavridis, C. Kolanko, “Evaluating the efficiency of a nighttime, middle-range infrared sensor for applications in human detection and recognition”, Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XXIII, Baltimore, U.S.A., Apr. 2012 [oral].

● T. Bourlai, A. Ross, C. Chen, and L. Hornak, "A Study on using Middle-Wave Infrared Images for Face Recognition", SPIE, Biometric Technology for Human Identification IX, Baltimore, U.S.A., Apr. 2012 [oral].

●  T. Bourlai, N. Narang et. al., "SWIR Multi-Wavelength Acquisition System for Simultaneous Capture of Face Images", SPIE (Vol. 8353), Infrared Technology and Applications XXXVIII, Baltimore, U.S.A., Apr. 2012 [oral].

●  A. Abaza, T. Bourlai and M. A. Harrison, “Human Ear Detection in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum”, SPIE (Vol. 8354), Thermo-sense: Thermal Infrared Applications XXXIV (IR Sensors and Systems), Baltimore, U.S.A., Apr. 2012 [oral]

●  J. Ice, N. Narang, C. Whitelam, N. Kalka, L. Hornak, J. Dawson, and T. Bourlai, "SWIR Imaging for Facial Image Capture through Tinted Materials, SPIE (Vol. 8353), Infrared Technology and Applications XXXVIII, Baltimore, U.S.A., Apr. 2012.

- Invited Talks [Nov 2011]

- Linking Innovation, Industry and Commercialization (LIINC), through the WVU Office of Research and Economic Development: DOD-related Research highlighting innovation from WVU faculty, National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE), WVU: Poster presentation of Dr. Bourlai’s on: “Current DOD related research”, November 15th, 2011.

- IEEE Signal Processing Society (Pittsburgh Area): Presentation on "Methodological Advances on Pulse Measurement through Thermal Imaging of Human Faces", University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., November 2nd 2011.

- Club PiSCES: Program to Stimulate Careers in Engineering and Science: Through a WVU Internal Public Service Grant, Club PiSCES has been funded to develop a partnership with the WVU Health Science and Technology Academy (HSTA) to match faculty with HSTA Clubs to discuss their research or a science topic related to their research. Presentation at the "HSTA Club at East Fairmont High School, WV, U.S.A.", on "New technologies utilizing human faces for physiological monitoring and human recognition", Nov 1st, 2011.

- Two papers were accepted in WIFS 2011

1. T. Bourlai and Z. Jafri, "Eye Detection in the Middle-Wave Infrared Spectrum", WIFS 2011 (32.5% Acceptance Rate) [oral].

2. T. Bourlai, C. Whitelam, I. Kakadiaris, "Pupil Detection under Lighting and Pose Variations in the Visible and Active Infrared Bands", WIFS 2011 (32.5% Acceptance Rate) [oral].

- Two papers were accepted in IJCB 2011

Team work is the key to great success.

1. N. Kalka, T. Bourlai, B. Cukic, L. Hornak, “Cross-spectral Face Recognition in Heterogeneous Environments: A Case Study on Matching Visible to Short-wave Infrared Imagery”, IJCB, 2011.

2. D. Cao, C. Chen, M. Piccirilli, P. Marco, D. Adjeroh, T. Bourlai, A. Ross, “Can Facial Metrology Predict Gender?”, IJCB, 2011

- Invited Talk to NLETS 2011 (2 presentations)

It was a great honor and pleasure to participate in the NLETS 2011 annual business meeting that took place in Burlington, VT, June 26-29 2011.

NLETS (www.nlets.org) is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement-, criminal justice-, and public safety-related information. To accomplish this, the NLETS system provides unrivalled reliability based on a network built to endure threats without impacting performance.

I would like to thank my colleagues in WVU and the NLETS organizers for this great opportunity and their support.

- Invited Talk from Prof. Anil Jain at Michigan State University

Prof. Anil Jain was kind enough to invite me to give a talk to his Biometrics Research Group at MSU on the 16th of March 2011.

- Another Award Granted to CITeR by ONR - PI T. Bourlai 

You can run, but you can't hide—even in the dark or behind obstacles-- thanks to research being done at West Virginia University. An award of $150,000 was given to The Center for Identification Technology Research at WVU's College of Engineering and Mineral Resources by The Office of Naval Research to initiate the project entitled "Ascertaining Identity within Human Networks in Night Environment."

The research team is being led by Thirimachos Bourlai, a Research Assistant Professor in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Other research team members include Professors Lawrence Hornak and Bojan Cukic; Associate Professor Arun Ross; Research Assistant Professor Jeremy Dawson; Research Associate Nathan Kalka; and Research Assistants Cameron Whitelam, and Nnamdi Osia.

More information can be found HERE

Latest Publications


T. Bourlai, A. Ross, and A. Jain, “Restoring Degraded Face Images for Matching Faxed or Scanned Photos”, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, “accepted”, 2011, DOI 10.1109/TIFS.2011.2109951.


T. Bourlai, N. Kalka, D. Cao, B. Decann, Z. Jafri, F. Nicolo, C. Whitelam, J. Zuo, D. Adjeroh, B. Cukic, J. Dawson, L. Hornak, A. Ross, N. A. Schmid, “Ascertaining Human Identity in Night Environments”, Distributed Video Sensor Networks, Springer, 2011, Part 7, 471-478, DOI: 10.1007/978-0-85729-127-1_31.


  • Participated in the May 2011 CITeR meeting. Another award granted!