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Publications - Cameron Whitelam

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  T. Bourlai, C. Whitelam, I. Kakadiaris, "Pupil Detection under Lighting and Pose Variations in the Visible and Active Infrared Bands", WIFS 2011 (32.5% Acceptance Rate) – Presentation

T. Bourlai, N. Kalka, D. Cao, B. Decann, Z. Jafri, F. Nicolo, C. Whitelam, J. Zuo, D. Adjeroh, B. Cukic, J. Dawson, L. Hornak, A. Ross, and N. A. Schmid. “Ascertaining Human Identity in Night Environments”, Distributed Video Sensor Networks Springer, “in press”.


C. Whitelam, Z. Jafri, T. Bourlai. "Multispectral Eye Detection: A Preliminary Study". International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2010.