Current students

o   Priyash Misra (Ph. D), working on “V2V for vehicular safety”

o   Bryan lemon (Ph. D), working on “Middleware services for sensor actuator network based applications”

o   Ibrahim ElwarFalli (Ph. D.), working on “Scalable protocols for VANETs and sensor networks”

Graduated students

o   Srikanth Parupati (M.S. Thesis, 2010), currently at Mathworks Inc.

o   Ashok Selavaraj (M.S. Thesis, 2010), currently at NIO.

o   Sricharan Ramagiri (M.S. Thesis, 2011), currently at Echostar

o   Rohith Bakkanagiri (M.S. Thesis, 2011), currently at Mathworks Inc.,

o   Abhinay Moparthi (M.S. Thesis, 2012), currently at Deloitte Inc.

o   Sriram Sankar (M.S. Thesis, 2012), currently at Mathworks Inc.

o   Rudhir Upritee (M.S. Thesis 2013), currently at Qualcomm Inc.

o   Gautham Ranganath (M. S. Thesis 2013), currently at Cisco systems.

o   Rutika Bhapkar (M.S. Problem report, 2013), Markit Financial services

o   Rahul Kavi (MS 2013, Ph.D. 2016), currently Scientist at KLA Tencor

o   Masahiro Nakagawa (Ph. D. 2016), currently at Denso systems

o   Ajay Kavuri (MS 2016), currently Software Engineer at Amazon

o   FNU Rohit (M.S. 2016),

o   Shashank S (M.S. 2016), currently Software Engineer at MS3 systems

o   Priyash Misra (M.S. 2017), currently pursuing PhD

Other advising responsibilities

o   Advisor for 15 M.S. coursework students and 1 undergraduate student (graduated)

o   Advisor for 3 Ph. D. coursework students (on-going)

o   Committee member for 8 M.S. thesis students and 1 Ph.D. students who have now graduated

o   Mentor for 5 senior design capstone projects (see below)

Senior design projects mentored