To Perspective Students

  • I am currently looking for Ph.D. students doing supervised research or independent study with me at LCSEE, WVU. If you are a well motivated and dedicated student pursuing a Ph.D. degree related to the areas of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Health Intelligence, please send me an email with your CV.
  • For students who use your government support to study in USA, you can get tuition waiver at WVU. Please contact me if you like to work with me on Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Health Intelligence.

My Students

  • Current Students

     Shifu Hou (Ph.D. Student, Fall 2014 -- )
     Research Area: Mobile Security, Data Mining, Machine Learning
     SIGKDD 2017 Best Paper Award and
     SIGKDD 2017 Best Student Paper Award
    (Applied Data Science Track)

     Aaron Saas (Ph.D. Student, Spring 2016 -- )
     Research Area: Mobile Security, Data Mining

     Yujie Fan (Ph.D. Student, Fall 2016 -- )
     Research Area: Machine Learning, Health Intelligence, Cybersecurity

     Yiming Zhang (Ph.D. Student, Fall 2016 -- )
     Research Area: Data Mining, Health Intelligence, Cybersecurity

     William B. Hardy (MS Student, Spring 2015 -- )
     Research Area: Cybersecurity, Data Mining

  • Graduated Students

     Lingwei Chen (Ph.D., May 2019)
     Research Area: Cybersecurity, Data Mining, Machine Learning
     Dissertation: Enhancing Security of Machine Learning-based Malware Detection at Feature & Model Levels
     IEEE EISIC 2017 Best Paper Award

     Yiming Zhang (Master, December 2018)
     Research Area: Data Mining, Health Intelligence, Cybersecurity
     Thesis: Using Social Media to Combat Opioid Epidemic

     Jian Liu (Master, June 2018 )
     Research Area: Cybersecurity, Machine Learning
     Thesis: Automatic Detection of Cybercrime-suspected Threads in Online Underground Forums

  •  Sai Ram Nellutla (Master, December 2015)
     Research Area: Data Mining, Smart Devices
     Thesis: A Safety Support System for Children's Anti-loss
     Current Employment: Software Engineer, M*Modal, Pittsburgh, PA

     Madhusudhan Reddy Boddu (MS, March 2017)
     Current Employment: MongoDB Developer, Amazon, Silicon Valley

     Sai Venkata Akhil Thammineni (MS, November 2017)

     Srinivas Garapati (MS, October 2017)

     Utsav Kirtikumar Upadhyay (MS, September 2017)

      Alex Finkelstein (BS, May 2015)

     Dominique Amos (BS, December 2015)

     Joshua Suess (BS, May 2015)

     Kevin Hao (BS, May 2015)

     Michael Hite (BS, May 2015)

     Jacob Sutton (BS, May 2015)

     Sam Wood (BS, May 2015)

     Reem AL Alshikh (BS, May 2015)

     Zainab Alamri (BS, May 2015)

  • Former Students

     Madhuri Siddula (Ph.D. Student, Spring 2015 - Summer 2016 )
     Research Area: Data Mining, Construction Safety