Organic Chemistry Laboratory
West Virginia University

Chemistry 235: Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

Fall 2019

Chem 235 Syllabus

Laboratory Safety Rules

Required Laboratory Materials

Fall 2019 Teaching Assistants

All laboratory experiments, handouts, and materials are available through Sapling Learning.

To enroll in the Sapling course and access lab materials, complete the following:

  1. Get Required materials
    • Purchase the lab notebook + Sapling bundle from the WVU Bookstore
    • Obtain goggles and aprons. You can use the same goggles and apron that you used in general chemistry.
  2. Go to
    • Enter the Chem 235 eCampus Page
    • Click the "Lab Room" Link on the menu to the left.
      • Obtain your lab room number
      • Obtain your Sapling key code/course code. You will be required to enter this when enrolling in the Sapling system.
  3. Click the Sapling Labs Link on eCampus to enroll. Make sure you use the eCampus link rather than accessing Sapling directly. This will ensure your grades automatically sync to eCampus at the end of the semester.


Sapling Help Page