Systems Development

The following are some of the end to end systems development efforts that I have been involved in.


1.   Smart refractory system for monitoring of degradation in slagging gasifiers, 2013


2.   Integrated sensing system for surface mine safety (MINESYS) 2015


3.   Hawk-eye: A smart camera network testbed for surveillance, 2009


4.   EzTrack: An adaptive, self-configuring indoor positioning system using wireless sensor networks, 2009


5.   Vehicle Classification for Facility Monitoring, Los Alamos National Labs, June 2007


6.   PeopleNet, The Ohio State University, 2008


7.   Robust Routing and Tracking in Constrained Mobility Scenarios, Demonstrated at ACM Sensys 2006


8.   Catch Me if You Can, August 2005


9.   ExScal: Extreme Scale Wireless Sensor Networking, December 2004


10.                Line in the Sand, September 2003


11.                Kansei, Wireless Sensor Network Testbed, The Ohio State University


12.  Designing Fault Tolerant Control Applications Using Sensor Networks