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Chemistry 233 - Organic Chemistry I

Frequently Asked Questions

You may want to refresh this page each time you visit as I will update it as I get new questions that I think are worth answering.

All mentions of the final exam on this page refer to the Chemistry 233 final exam written by Dr. Osbourn, not the ACS final exam.

  • Is the lowest quiz grade dropped?


  • Is the lowest OWL homework grade dropped?


  • Is there anything extra or any extra credit I can do to help my grade?

No. This is what the online homework and participation are for.

  • How are the participation grade determined?

5% of your course grade is determined from participation. The participation grade is determined based on answering the in-class clicker style questions on TopHat. To make up for the "correctness" penalty on questions and possible technical issues during the semester, I will add 20 points to your final participation average up to 100 total (i.e. you can't earn more than a 100%).

  • Will you post an old/practice final exam?

No. The final exam will be a similar format to your regular exams, but a bit longer. You should use your old exams and the old exams from former semesters to help you prepare for the "old" material on the final. I will, however, post final exam practice problems that includes the "new material" that is on the final exam.

  • What is your typical course grade breakdown?

It varies somewhat, but Fall 2016 Paints a fairly standard picture:

  • A - 20.4%
  • B - 30.6%
  • C - 20.4%
  • D - 13.0%
  • F - 9.7%
  • W - 5.9%
  • Do you assign +/- grades?

Yes, I will use the +/- grading scale when submitting course grades.

  • Do you curve?

Not much. I may make some minor adjustments to the grade scale, but typically without curving my courses come out with a very high pass rate.

  • What is the format of the final exam?

Very similar to your regular exams. There will be a multiple choice section and a written portion. The MC section will be a bit longer than usual while the completion seciton will likely be 3 pages. Expect ~30% new material (Ch 10 & 11, 13) and ~70% old material (exam 1-3 material). Much of the completion section will be "new" material while the majority of the MC section will be "old" material. The Chem 233 final exam average is general ~72%.

  • What supplemental data will be provided on the final exam?

The following link contains a copy of the supplemental data that will be given on the final exam. Supplemental Data

  • When will you have our grades posted?

I promise to work as hard and fast as possible to get the final exam graded and the scores posted on eCampus. As soon as the grades are ready, I will post them. I will post your final exam grade, final course grade, and letter grade so that you don't have to wait for grades to be released on STAR. Emailing me to ask when grades will be ready will not help speed up the process.

All course materials, including lectures, class notes, quizzes, exams, handouts, presentations, and other materials provided to students for this course are protected intellectual property. As such, the unauthorized purchase or sale of these materials may result in disciplinary sanctions under the Campus Student Code.