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Chemistry 531 - Physical Organic Chemistry

Fall 2019

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Course Syllabus

Textbook - Modern Physical Organic Chemistry by Anslyn & Dougherty

Supplemental Text - Advanced Organic Chemistry by Carey & Sundberg - eBook*

Other Recommended Books

Organic Data Tables

Not Voodoo - Synthetic Chemistry Lab Techniques

Advanced Organic Chemistry Lecture Notes - Harvard

0. Review of Sophomore Organic Chemistry

I. Bonding & Intro to Molecular Orbital Theory [MPOC Ch 1]

IIa. Thermodynamics [MPOC Ch 2]

IIb. Conformational Analysis [MPOC Ch 2]

III. Acids and Bases [MPOC Ch 5]

IV. Stereochemistry [MPOC Ch 6]

V. Reaction Kinetics [MPOC Ch 7]

VI. Experiments to Determine Reaction Mechanisms [MPOC Ch 8]

VII. Pericyclic Reactions [MPOC Ch 15]

VIII. Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions [MPOC Ch 11]


*eBook is available for free access via the WVU Library.



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