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Chemistry 234
Organic Chemistry II



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Chemistry 234 - Organic Chemistry II

Exam Regrade Policy


Graduate teaching assistants in organic chemistry grade the written portion of your exams. The TAs generally do a very good job grading the exams. Occasionally, however, grading errors are made. In the event of a suspected grading error, I am happy to re-grade your exam personally. If you are considering a re-grade, take note of the following:

  • I automatically add 2 points to every exam to account for any minor grading mistakes. When submitting your exam for a regrade, you forfeit the automatic 2 points. During the regrade, I will ensure you exam is graded accurately and you receive all of the points that you deserve. Essentially, this policy makes it pointless to submit an exam for a regrade if you only find one or two points worth of grading errors.
  • Following the return of each exam, you will be given an exam regrade deadline. You must submit any regrade requests prior to the deadline.
  • To request an exam re-grade
    • Notify me by email prior to the regrade deadline.
    • Include your exam version (A or B).
    • List the question(s) you believe warrent a regrade along with a brief explanation as to why you believe a mistake was made.
  • I will re-grade your entire exam. This means your grade could increase, decrease, or remain the same. I don't maliciously go through your exam trying to find points to deduct. I will simply ensure it is graded accuratly with regard to the answer key.

*Please note that this process is to fix legitimate grading mistakes, not for point mongering. If you didn't receive points for an answer and your answer does not match the key, don't expect to receive any credit.


All course materials, including lectures, class notes, quizzes, exams, handouts, presentations, and other materials provided to students for this course are protected intellectual property. As such, the unauthorized purchase or sale of these materials may result in disciplinary sanctions under the Campus Student Code.