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Chemistry 234
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Chemistry 234 - Organic Chemistry II

Getting Started with Top Hat

We will be using the Top Hat (www.tophat.com) classroom response system in class. You will be able to submit answers to in-class questions using Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, or laptop computers.

You can visit the Top Hat Overview (https://success.tophat.com/s/article/Student-Top-Hat-Overview-and-Getting-Started-Guide) within the Top Hat Success Center which outlines how you will register for a Top Hat account, as well as providing a brief overview to get you up and running on the system.

An email invitation will be sent to you by email, but if don’t receive this email, you can register by simply visiting our course website: https://app.tophat.com/e/784011
Note: our Course Join Code is 784011

Top Hat will require a paid subscription, and a full breakdown of all subscription options available can be found here: www.tophat.com/pricing

If you purchased a subscription to Top Hat for summer I, you should not need to pay for anything else. If you need to purchase a new Top Hat subscription, you shoud purchase the 1-term option for $26 + Top Hat Test for $10

Should you require assistance with Top Hat at any time, due to the fact that they require specific user information to troubleshoot these issues, please contact their Support Team directly by way of email (support@tophat.com), the in app support button, or by calling 1-888-663-5491.

Information on Top Hat Attendance

Top Hat Support Page

Tips for iOS Users

  • If you have an error such as "question closed" during an in-class question, close completely out of the app and reopen. Closing completely means going to the application switcher and swiping out of the app.
  • For the attendance to work, ensure you select "Always Allow" TopHat to access your location. If you have a concern, you can toggle this off in the settings after you have submitted the attendance code.

Tips for Mac OS Users

  • Use Chrome for submitting your attendance. Safari tends to cache previous log in locations which can cause your attendance to not be verified.

Tips for using TopHat when taking quizzes



All course materials, including lectures, class notes, quizzes, exams, handouts, presentations, and other materials provided to students for this course are protected intellectual property. As such, the unauthorized purchase or sale of these materials may result in disciplinary sanctions under the Campus Student Code.