Natalie J. Shook
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Our lab has several ongoing research projects.  Here is a brief outline of some of our studies:

  • Attitude Formation Through Exploration - BeanFest
    • Negativity biases in exploration, learning, and generalization
    • Political ideology, exploration, and attitude formation
    • Association between negativity biases in attitude formation and emotional disorders
    • Predictive and diagnostic ability of BeanFest to assess emotionality in clinical populations
  • Prejudice Reduction Through Intergroup Contact
    • Effect of racial attitudes on success of interracial roommate relationships
    • Effect of interracial roommate relationships on racial attitudes
    • Effect of different forms of contact (e.g., direct, extended) on attitudes toward LGBT
    • Differences in the effects of intergroup contact between majority and minority group members
    • Benefit of intergroup contact on academic identity and academic achievement
  • BehavioralImmune System (BIS)
    • Roleof disgust in prejudice toward outgroups (e.g., homosexuals) and women (i.e., sexism)
    • Socialconservatism (e.g., RWA, religious fundamentalism) as a means of disease avoidance
    • Role of disgust in forming political attitudes and influencing political behavior (e.g., voting)
    • Sex differences in disgust sensitivity and collectivism
    • Cultural differences in BIS
  • Mindfulness
    • Mindfulness as a means of reducing negativity biases
    • Negatively biased cognition as a mediator between mindfulness and emotional disorders
    • Effect of mindfulness on emotional reactivity and attitude formation


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