Turbo Codes

Turbo Codes

Turbo codes at West Virginia University

Thanks for visiting our page devoted to turbo codes, which has been up continuously since 1996. There used to be much more to this page, but almost everything has become outdated. The page still has a high ranking in the search engines, perhaps owing to its age. Rather than leaving up outdated information, we've left a few current items that you might find helpful.

Free Software for Simulating Turbo Codes

The Coded Modulation Library (CML) is a matlab library specifically designed for simulating advanced error correction codes, such as turbo codes and low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. A variety of modulation formats and channel models are available. Support for several standardized codes is incorporated into the library, including the turbo codes used by the UMTS, cdma2000, LTE, DVB-RCS, WiMAX (IEEE 802.16), and CCSDS standards, as well as the LDPC codes used by DVB-S2 and 802.16e. The code is licensed under the lesser-GPL, so it is indeed “free”. We make extensive use of c-mex functions, so that it runs efficiently.

To download CML, click here.

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